Extreme Healing: Reclaim Your Life and Learn to Love Your Body (Paperback)

Extreme Healing: Reclaim Your Life and Learn to Love Your Body By Mari Ruddy Cover Image

Extreme Healing: Reclaim Your Life and Learn to Love Your Body (Paperback)


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Are you struggling to muster the motivation to move your body?

Are you wishing for a stronger connection with your physical self and better overall well-being?

Ever wonder if individuals with chronic health conditions like diabetes, cancer, or asthma can become endurance athletes?

What if I told you that people facing these challenges, including diabetes and cancer survivors who've endured trauma, can embrace the endurance athlete lifestyle?

In Extreme Healing, Mari empathizes with your journey. Childhood trauma left her disconnected from her body for most of her life. However, Mari discovered that exercise could bring her back into her body, where she initially felt uncomfortable. It became clear that improving health required a confident approach to exercise.

Extreme Healing is Mari's journey of finding salvation through cycling, running, and triathlon. These activities carried her through trauma, type 1 diabetes, and two rounds of cancer. In this book, Mari shares hard-won wisdom and personal experiences, aiming to inspire and motivate you to embrace the endurance athlete mindset and lifestyle for your health, joy, and well-being.

In this book, Mari shares the path to salvation through cycling, running, triathlon, and cross-country skiing. Along the way, she found coaches, followed training plans, received nutrition guidance, and connected with like-minded friends who reveled in the joy of movement.

Embrace your journey to move an integral part of your health and wellness. Whether you dream of participating in races or simply desire a more active lifestyle, Extreme Healing offers guidance, inspiration, and a roadmap to transform your life.

Discover the secrets and mindset that endurance athletes embody to heal and thrive. You have the potential to become an endurance athlete and experience the profound benefits of an active, empowered life.

If you've ever wondered if you can truly embrace and love your body with all its unique characteristics, the answer is a resounding YES. Mari found her way, and she shares it with you step-by-step within the pages of this book. You'll unlock the doors to joy, health, and overall well-being through movement and an endurance athlete's mindset.

Product Details ISBN: 9781954801585
ISBN-10: 1954801580
Publisher: Mandala Tree Press
Publication Date: November 14th, 2023
Pages: 296
Language: English