You Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction, and Design Your Dream Career (Paperback)

You Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction, and Design Your Dream Career By Ashley Stahl Cover Image

You Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction, and Design Your Dream Career (Paperback)


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If you're thinking about buying this book, it's probably because it feels like something's missing in your career.

Guess what? It could be YOU.

Whether you're living for the weekends or counting the minutes until 5 pm every day, life is too short to wish it away because you feel stuck in your job. The good news is that you have the power to stop living on autopilot and turn your career around.

"Follow your passion," "find your purpose," and "do what you love" have joined the parade of bland directives that aren't doing much to actually help you figure out what you're meant to do with your career. Instead, they only create more confusion. If all we had to do is "follow our bliss" . . . why aren't we blissful yet? The truth is, the best career is not one where you only do what you love, but one where you honor who you are.

In You Turn, counterterrorism professional turned career coach Ashley Stahl shares the strategies she's used to help thousands ditch their Monday blues, get clarity on what work lights them up, and devise an action plan to create a career they love.

This book gives readers access to Stahl's coveted 11-step roadmap that has guided thousands of coaching clients in 31 countries to self-discovery and success. Throughout her process, you'll:

   • Discover your Core Skillset. Uncover your gifts and talents to create an intentional career path that's fulfilling and aligned with who you are—and what you're good at.
   • Understand your "Inner Money Blueprint." Discover the root of your money mindset, and how to break free of financial limitation.
   • Clarify your Core Interests. Identify the difference between a passion, gift, and calling so you can get clear on what's meant to be a hobby-and what's meant to be a career!
   • Become your own coach. Walk away with a unique set of tools for staying true to your best self in times of stress, frustration, or anxiety.

Whether you're considering a career pivot, or just curious about what else is possible for you, it's time to make a "you turn"—to get unstuck, discover your true self, and thrive (not just survive) in your career.
Ashley Stahl is a counterterrorism professional turned highly sought-after career coach, Forbes blogger, and author on a mission to help job seekers step into a career that lights them up. As a creative writer, modern-day entrepreneur, and content creator, more than 516,000 job seekers have subscribed to Ashley's free trainings, while her online courses have helped thousands of job seekers in 31 countries with unlocking their best career fit, landing job offers, and upgrading their confidence.
Product Details ISBN: 9781950665693
ISBN-10: 1950665690
Publisher: BenBella Books
Publication Date: January 26th, 2021
Pages: 320
Language: English
"The ultimate career guide to help you discover your path in the workforce."

Daymond John, New York Times bestselling author of The Power of Broke

"Whether you want to advance in the career you are already in, change directions, or you haven't decided what profession you want to embark on, this is the book for you. In her inspiring and brilliant book, You Turn, Ashley Stahl shares all her tips, wisdom and strategies on how to move forward and create the successes you desire in your professional life." 

Agapi Stassinopolous, author of Wake Up to the Joy of You

"Success begins with looking within yourself, figuring out what you want, and deciding how you want to achieve it. Ashley Stahl's You Turn is here to help."

Alex Banayan, #1 international bestselling author of The Third Door

"You Turn is the most important book you could read if you want confidence and success in your career. This book is so practical and powerful that it will change your life."

Dr. Benjamin Hardy, author of Personality Isn't Permanent

"You Turn is meant for anyone striving to find real clarity on their dream career, and figure out the exact steps to getting there! Stahl's stories are gripping (I couldn't put this book down), and her insights are sharp and unique."

Natalie Ellis, cofounder of BossBabe

"This book is unlike any career book I've ever read—a soul drenched blend of inspiration, strategy and actionable advice to get clear on your vision, while making sure you are doing what truly fulfills you." 

Lori Harder, founder of Drink Lite Pink and host of the Earn Your Happy podcast

"You Turn is a much needed guide in today's workforce to help so many get clear on WHO they are, what natural talents they have, and what work they're truly meant to do!"

Sahara Rose, creator of Rose Gold Goddesses and host of the Highest Self podcast

"Stahl brings the emotional depth, introspectivity, and genuine story to the pursuit of finding fulfillment in work. This book will revolutionize the way we think about work."

Samantha Skelly, founder and author of Hungry for Happiness

"Ashley's actionable tools for your career, coupled with her mindset coaching and expertise in psychology, make her an epic guide for anyone seeking career clarity! She is THE go-to authority in this space."

Nicola Pidgeon, business coach, positive psychologist, and author of Now is Your Chance

"There are few things that are more soul gutting than an unfulfilling workplace. And there are few things that are more satisfying than a rewarding career. Ashley Stahl is the perfect guide to help you create the satisfaction in work that you crave."

Gina DeVee, author of Audacity to Be Queen

"Creating a genius life starts with your health, and part of that well-being comes down to how fulfilled you are in doing the work you do . . . You Turn can get you there."

Max Lugavere, New York Times bestselling author of Genius Foods