An Introduction to Classical Electrodynamics (Paperback)

An Introduction to Classical Electrodynamics By Jonathan W. Keohane, Joseph P. Foy Cover Image

An Introduction to Classical Electrodynamics (Paperback)


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An Introduction to Classical Electrodynamics covers the topics of Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics at the upper-level undergraduate level in physics or electrical engineering. This book tells the story of the historical development of electrodynamics, at the same time as introducing students to electrodynamics with vector calculus.

This is the best treatment of the historical development of electricity, magnetism and electrodynamics I have ever seen. The breadth of the authors' knowledge, together with their ability to summarize historical results in exceptionally clear terms, is wonderful. Developing electromagnetism historically makes many concepts easier to understand .
--- By an anonymous reviewer who is a senior professor at a major college or university.

Table of Contents

  • Part I: Electricity
    Chapter 1 Charge
    Chapter 2 The Electrostatic Force
    Chapter 3 Electrical Potential Energy
    Chapter 4 Gauss's Law
    Chapter 5 The Equations of Laplace and Poisson
  • PART II: Magnetism
    Chapter 6 Permanent Magnets
    Chapter 7 The Vector Potential and the Curl
    Chapter 8 Electromagnetism
    Chapter 9 Faraday's Law of Induction
    Chapter 10 The Electron
    Chapter 11 Galilean Relativity in Electrodynamics
    Chapter 12 Superconductors and Plasmas
  • Part III: Light
    Chapter 13 Transmission Lines
    Chapter 14 Light in an Optical Medium
    Chapter 15 Light in Free Space
    Chapter 16 Sources of Electromagnetic Radiation
    Chapter 17 Special Relativity
    Chapter 18 The Photon

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