To Love Ru Darkness Vol. 9 (Paperback)

JUST ONE KISS Rito and friends face off against the wrath of a killer body-snatching sword from outer space-and that's actually the easy part of his day! The really tricky part is a little more amorous. Rito's been close to all kinds of gorgeous girls, and Momo's even pushed him to start inducting them into his own personal harem, but there's one thing he's never done with any of them: kiss! Now that Lala's heard about how common kissing is on Earth, is it time for Rito's relationships to go to the next level?
Saki Hasemi is a Japanese writer best known for To Love Ru and To Love Ru Darkness. Kentaro Yabuki is a prolific Japanese manga creator and artist known for many series, including manga in various Shonen Jump magazines like Black Cat, To Love Ru, To Love Ru Darkness, and DARLING in the FRANXX.
Product Details ISBN: 9781947804272
ISBN-10: 1947804278
Publisher: Ghost Ship
Publication Date: February 26th, 2019
Pages: 200
Language: English
Series: To Love Ru Darkness