The Ashley Book of Knots (Paperback)

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The Ashley Book of Knots (Paperback)


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Facsimile of 1944 Edition. The Ashley Book of Knots is an encyclopedia of knots written and illustrated by the American artist Clifford W. Ashley. First published in 1944, it was the culmination of over 11 years of work. The book contains exactly 3854 numbered entries and an estimated 7000 illustrations. The entries include knot instructions, uses, and some histories, categorized by type or function. It remains one of the most important and comprehensive books on knots. Due to its scope and wide availability, The Ashley Book of Knots has become a significant reference work in the field of knotting. The numbers Ashley assigned to each knot can be used to unambiguously identify them. This helps to identify knots despite local colloquialisms or identification changes. Citations to Ashley numbers are usually in the form: "The Constrictor Knot (ABOK #1249)", "ABOK #1249" or even simply "#1249" if the context of the reference is clear or already established. Some knots have more than one Ashley number due to having multiple uses or forms. For example, the main entry for #1249 is in the chapter on binding knots but it is also listed as #176 in a chapter on occupational knot usage.

Contents: On knots -- Occupational knots -- Knob knots, single-strand stopper or terminal knots -- Knob knots, single-strand lanyard knots -- Knob knots, single-strand button knots -- Knob knots, multi-strand stopper or terminal knots -- Knob knots, two-strand lanyard knots -- Knob knots, multi-strand buttons, tied in hand -- Knob knots, multi-strand buttons, tied on the table -- Single-loop knots -- Double- and multiple-loop knots -- The noose -- Knots tied in the bright -- Clove hitch and other crossing knots -- Binding knots -- The turk's head -- Bends -- Shroud knots (multi-strand bends) -- Belaying and making fast -- Hitches to spar and rail (right-angle pull) -- Hitches to masts, rigging, and cable (lengthwise pull) -- Hitches to stake and post, pile and bollard -- Ring hitches -- Hooks, beckets, and toggles -- Miscellaneous holdfasts -- Occasional knots -- Lashings and slings -- The monkey's fist and other knot converings -- Flat or two-dimensional knots -- Fancy knots -- Square knotting -- Tricks and puzzles -- Long and short splices (multi-strand bends) -- Eye splices (multi-strand loops) -- Odd splices -- Chain and crown sinnets -- Plat sinnets -- Solid sinnets -- Practical marlingspike seamanship -- Decorative marlinspike seamanship (applied knots).

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