Metastasis: Rise of the Cancer-Industrial Complex and the Horizons of Care (Paperback)

Metastasis: Rise of the Cancer-Industrial Complex and the Horizons of Care By Nafis Hasan Cover Image

Metastasis: Rise of the Cancer-Industrial Complex and the Horizons of Care (Paperback)


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A bold rethinking of cancer as a biological phenomenon, a science that serves capitalism, and a radical vision of liberated health and well-being.

More than fifty years after the declaration of the War on Cancer, we are nowhere closer to victory. The problem lies in the way cancer is understood and the "cancer-industrial complex" that has been established to address it. The cancer-industrial complex arises from the symbiosis of private corporations, nonprofit organizations such as universities and foundations, and public governmental regulatory bodies in the post-genomic era. This network profits off a vulnerable population who exist in a market that is structurally rigged against them given their physical and socioeconomic conditions. Under the auspices of scientific research and technological progress, much of which is well-meaning, a critical extortion takes place.
Metastasis brings the cancer-industrial complex to the fore of our understanding of what cancer is, the chronic nature of the disease, its unmistakable parallels to capitalism, its inextricable link to the neoliberal model of economic development, and its disproportionate burden on nonwhite and poor populations--and what it will really take to rid ourselves of the gravest dangers to our individual and collective well-being.
Trained as a cancer scientist, Nafis Hasan offers a critical clinical reading of current narratives of cancer research and the socioeconomic and political conditions preventing us from a cure. He offers a visionary alternative theory about carcinogenesis--one countering the dominant neoliberal idea of mutations causing cancer--and centers a dialectical approach to understanding the biology and sociology of cancer. Hasan states, "If we must fight the longest war, then it should be the war against capitalism, one that has metastasized in every aspect of our society and ourselves."

Nafis Hasan received his PhD in Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology from Tufts University in 2019. After a brief stint as a Postdoctoral Scholar in David Kaplan's lab at Tufts' Dept of Biomedical Engineering, he currently works in the labor movement in PA. He is also an Associate Faculty at the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research. His research interests range from cancer biology to climate politics and eco-Marxism; his writings have appeared in Jacobin, Science for the People, The Trouble, and more. He serves as an editor for the radical science magazine Science for the People and Jamhoor, a critical left media org focused on South Asia, and organizes with the Democratic Socialists of America.
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Publisher: Common Notions
Publication Date: February 25th, 2025
Pages: 272
Language: English