The Power of Love: Jewels, Romance and Eternity (Hardcover)

The Power of Love: Jewels, Romance and Eternity By Dr. Beatriz Chadour-Sampson Cover Image

The Power of Love: Jewels, Romance and Eternity (Hardcover)


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Romance, love, and courtship are as universal as the precious jewels they inspire, objects we bestow upon loved ones to express deep affection, eternal commitment, or passionate desire. The Power of Love: Jewels, Romance and Eternity traces the history of these ornaments, exploring their origins, their changing fashions, and their cultural significance over time and across cultures.

In The Power of Love, international art historian and jewelry expert Beatriz Chadour-Sampson sheds new light on the storied pasts of these magnificent jewels, providing important context and historical analysis. The ring is the most personal of all jewels, its circular form symbolizing the everlasting union of two people. Though the tradition of giving a betrothal or wedding ring as a promise of marriage goes back to ancient Rome, it was not until the fifteenth century that diamond rings came to be associated with marriage. From the earliest times, rubies or garnets were emblems of passionate love; diamonds or rock crystals symbolized virtue and constancy; sapphires denoted eternal love; and emeralds signified desire and hope. Decorative motifs such as clasped hands, lovers’ knots, crowned hearts, Cupid’s arrows, flowers with hidden messages, snakes, and butterflies were imaginatively used by jewelers to create symbols of romantic love.

The stories presented in this volume—accompanied by one hundred color photos—illustrate and illuminate these mysterious precious stones.
Beatriz Chadour-Sampson is a jewelry historian, author, and lecturer. She is the author of several books, including Pearls and Rings of the 20th and 21st Centuries: The Alice and Louis Koch Collection. She has been consultant and curator for jewelry collections at a number of institutions, including the Swiss National Museum in Zurich, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the Dallas Museum of Art.
Product Details ISBN: 9781911604464
ISBN-10: 1911604465
Publisher: Unicorn Publishing Group
Publication Date: November 4th, 2019
Pages: 160
Language: English
"[Chadour-Sampson] explores the jewelry that expresses the universal sentiment of love, from the ancient world to current times and illustrates through text and photos how passion, desire and enduring love remain constant but the jewelry that evokes these feelings has evolved over time. . . . These are just a few highlights from the affection and passion that unfolds throughout this enchanting book, proving that love, when translated into jewelry, knows no bounds."
— Forbes

"Taking the reader from the ancient world to just last year, the internationally renowned author tells the many and varied stories of jewellery's association with love throughout Western Europe."
— The Jeweller

"Chadour-Sampson pleases jewellery lovers once again with her new book . . . . Beautifully illustrated in a curated collection of historic jewellery designs. . . . [it] is an extraordinary journey, revealing the central role of jewellery in the history of love and marriage, and undoubtedly one of the must-read coffee table books for jewellery lovers!"
— Gemologue

"From ancient betrothal bands to Victoria Beckham’s 14 engagement rings, Beatriz Chadour-Sampson explores how people have historically used jewels to show their affection."
— Best Jewelry Books of 2019

"In this well-written and beautifully illustrated book, renowned jewellery historian Beatriz Chadour-Sampson explores romance, love and courtship translated into jewellery. . . . A must-read for anyone interested in the jewellery of love."
— Journal of Gemmology