Amazing Animals Basic Word Types - Classroom Edition (Paperback)

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Amazing Animals Basic Word Types - Classroom Edition (Paperback)


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This is a classroom edition of Amazing Animals Basic Word Types. It has been specifically designed and formatted to allow teachers to easily create handouts from its contents for use primary classrooms. These handouts can be used to introduce students to the different types of words by getting them to draw animals based on short, funny descriptions. Through these drawings, and the tasks that accompany them, your students will learn about nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs, and how they work together to make sentences and bring writing to life. It contains:

1. An introduction to each of the five basic word types (nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs), what they are and how they relate to different aspects of a drawing.

2. Fifteen double-page spreads each featuring a different animal. These are divided into five basic word types. Each double-page spread consists of a short, amusing and child-friendly descriptions of the animal on one page and space for your students to draw the animal based on this description on the other. Below the space where the animal is drawn, your students are asked to list all the examples of a specific word type from the description and answer a question based on it. This helps ensure that they understand the descriptions they are reading.

3. The opportunity for your students to learn to identify the different word types in the description, using a 'see one, do one' based approach. Specifically, in the first two animal descriptions for each word type, the specific word type has been underlined, while in the third they are asked to do this for themselves. This allows them to test out their ability to identify the different word types in a block of text.

4. A system to help your students understand how the different word types are linked together using arrows to link pronouns, adjectives and verbs to their nouns, and adverbs to their verbs.

5. Two final detailed animal descriptions which give your students the opportunity to bring the information on all the different word types together.

6. An opportunity for your students to think up their own animal, write a description for themselves using the different word types.

7. Ideas for fun additional classroom activities that can be linked to the animal descriptions in this book and its approach to understanding different word types. They include cross-curricular activities like art, outside learning and creative writing.

Thus, this book provides a comprehensive system based around drawing which teachers can use in the classroom to help their students learn about basic word types in a fun and practical manner.

Product Details ISBN: 9781909832749
ISBN-10: 190983274X
Publisher: Pictish Beast Publications
Publication Date: August 11th, 2019
Pages: 56
Language: English