Tom Clancy's The Division: Compromised: An Operation: Crossroads Novel (Paperback)

Tom Clancy's The Division: Compromised: An Operation: Crossroads Novel By Thomas Parrott Cover Image

Tom Clancy's The Division: Compromised: An Operation: Crossroads Novel (Paperback)


Thanks to the Division, hope is finally within reach – until a war between Gulf Coast factions exposes an old, brutal foe in this heart-stopping adventure from Tom Clancy’s The Division®

Ever since the Green Poison epidemic transformed the United States, the Division has worked tirelessly to push the nation back from the brink of collapse. The new food infrastructure brings hope… until Division agent Maira Kanhai finds an alarming disruption in the critical Texan oil refineries: a group of environmental extremists set on keeping the transformed world free from fossil fuels. When Maira’s Division cell is dispatched to secure the area, they discover a private military outfit acting as warlords of the hurricane-ravaged communities. As tensions between the factions come to a head, an old enemy emerges intending to destroy the Division, forcing Maira into a choice that will make her a hero or villain, and question what the Division stands for.
THOMAS PARROTT grew up reading science fiction and fantasy. This was compounded by the discovery of video games and tabletop roleplaying, leading to a life of dealing with the mundane while dreaming of dragons. He has written Isha’s Lament, The Test of Faith, and Loyal to the End, all for the Warhammer 40,000 setting, as well as short fiction for Arkham Horror and KeyForge anthologies.
Product Details ISBN: 9781839081866
ISBN-10: 1839081864
Publisher: Aconyte
Publication Date: December 20th, 2022
Pages: 336
Language: English
Series: Tom Clancy’s The Division
"Whether you've played the games or not, or whether you've read the first book or not, The Division: Compromised is a entertaining and enjoyable read that people are going to love. It works brilliantly as an addition to the games, and as a sequel to the first book"
— Trans-Scribe

"This book is fantastically approachable and will leave you guessing right up until the very last sentence."
— Kara Dennison

"Thomas Parrott does a fantastic job at of making the world his own and has absolutely nailed the action in this suspenseful instalment. Our characters are cut throat when they need to be and yet deep down are still humans, flawed and messy with complex emotions."
— Mrs Viking Reads

"If you love the Division games or a brilliant action novel this is the one for you after you have read the first one, Recruited."
— What You Tolkien About