Money Brain: Understand The Three Necessary Components Of Money and Unleash Your Wealth Building Potential (Hardcover)

Money Brain: Understand The Three Necessary Components Of Money and Unleash Your Wealth Building Potential By Ella Black Cover Image

Money Brain: Understand The Three Necessary Components Of Money and Unleash Your Wealth Building Potential (Hardcover)


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Once upon a time, there wasn't any money. As soon as money was invented, human ingenuity took off. Why is this? Money serves as an external storage of potential energy. Already this sounds too metaphysical to be of any use. Let's be sure we understand.

Humans and Money

Once money was invented, this allowed for much more creativity. You could store money. And what is money? Potential stuff. The more money you had, the more stuff you could buy. So long as you made money honestly, the more you had, the more this represented valuable things you provided for others.

Mechanical Money Is Simple

So far, so good, right? Money has essentially served this purpose since the dawn of time. Obviously, there's more to it. If this was all there was, money would be easy. But you know money is far from easy. We've got two more layers go to.

Money And Social Anxiety

It's hard to think about getting money without also thinking about interacting with other humans. Not just saying hey, but making and offer. And offer they can refuse. That feels very much like rejection. Nobody likes rejection.

Eliminate Money Fears

Once you understand how money is an essential part of human society, you'll be much closer to eliminating your money fears. And once you see how to eliminate your money fears, then it really will be mechanical. It will feel mechanical.

Simple Cause And Effect

Once you understand the mechanical, structural nature of money, and eliminate all your money fears, then making money will be a simple question of cause and effect. Do this, and you'll get that. But we've got one more layer yet.

Find Your Own Money Skills

Now we live in an unprecedented time in humor history. Never has there been so much money opportunity. Everybody has a unique collection of skills and potential skills. Once you get rid of your money fears, matching your own unique set of skills to your own maximum money flow will be your life's adventure.

Making And Spending Money

When you buy something you really want, it feels good. When somebody pays you for something you did that they really value, that feels really good. Spending money and making money are two sides of the same coin.

Money Is The Blood Of Earth

Your blood flows around your body, taking needed nutrients to your various cells, and removing all the waste. Without your blood, you wouldn't last very long.

Money flows around the world, paying people and delivering their products to where they are needed. Because the entire planet is globally connected, you can find any market you want, to match any skills you have, or any skills you'll develop.

Money Is Life

The rest of your life should be spent learning and improving. Maximizing your skills so you can provide more quality products and services to the people of Earth. And in return, the money flowing from them into your bank account will increase.

Money Is Growth

Making honest money is the best way to measure how well your skills are growing. To measure how much the world values your contributions.

Money Is Safety

The more money you have, just like bears and ancient farmers, the better your future is. Money is a real time travel vehicle. You can have money today, and keep until somebody invents something you feel like buying.

Learn The Three Money Levels

This guide will teach you everything you need to get started. The history and mechanics of money. How to find and eliminate all your negative money beliefs.

Product Details ISBN: 9781806316144
ISBN-10: 1806316145
Publisher: Ella Black
Publication Date: May 8th, 2023
Pages: 232
Language: English