Advances in Hospitality and Leisure (Hardcover)

Assessment and outcomes evaluation have become increasingly important in librarianship. Although initially used in educational contexts to measure student learning, the strategy has migrated to other contexts such as hiring, employee development, overall organizational and institutional successes, measuring the outcomes of projects and operational changes, and self assessment at the personal level. This growing emphasis is partly due to increasingly stringent requirements that funds are used effectively to improve services and operations. The current economic climate and retrenchments in non-profit agencies, have raised the need for assessment and outcomes evaluation to a critical level. 'Contexts for Assessment and Outcome Evaluation in Librarianship' focuses not on the how of undertaking assessment and outcomes evaluation, but rather on their successes and failures in various contexts in which these tools have been and will be used.
Product Details ISBN: 9781780529363
ISBN-10: 1780529368
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing
Publication Date: July 17th, 2012
Pages: 309
Language: English
Series: Advances in Hospitality and Leisure