Batman Vol. 13: The City of Bane Part 2 (Hardcover)

Batman Vol. 13: The City of Bane Part 2 By Tom King Cover Image

Batman Vol. 13: The City of Bane Part 2 (Hardcover)


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Bane has taken everything from the Batman. His home. His city. His family. Even his closest advisor and oldest friend, Alfred Pennyworth, who lies dead at Bane's hands. Now, the Dark Knight has returned to Gotham City to take back the town. But even if the Dark Knight can liberate Gotham from the man who once broke him, an even darker figure waits in the wings.

In another reality, Bruce's father, Thomas Wayne, became the Batman--one more violent and vicious than his son could ever dream. Now in our world, he has aligned himself with Bane to remake the city. And he believes in his twisted heart that Gotham isn't big enough for two Batmen...meaning Bruce Wayne and all his allies must be destroyed. The stage is set for the ultimate confrontation between three of the most fearsome figures in the entire DC Universe. When the dust settles, which dark knight will rise?

Discover the answer in the astonishing conclusion to writer Tom King's hugely acclaimed Batman saga in Batman Vol. 13: City of Bane Part 2, featuring top artists Mikel Janín, Jorge Fornés, and John Romita Jr.! Collects Batman #80-85 and Batman Annual #4.
Tom King is a comic book writer and novelist, best known for his work at DC Comics including Batman, Mister Miracle and The Omega Men. He won Eisner Awards for best writer for his work on Mister Miracle and Marvel's the Vision. He often relies on his experience as an ex-CIA agent and experiences during the recent conflicts in the Middle East in his writing. King joined the CIA counterterrorism unit after September 11, where he stayed for seven years before writing his first novel, A Once Crowded Sky.
Product Details ISBN: 9781779502841
ISBN-10: 1779502842
Publisher: DC Comics
Publication Date: July 14th, 2020
Pages: 208
Language: English