My Pet Hawk: English Edition (Hardcover)

My Pet Hawk: English Edition By Etua Snowball, Erin Hunting (Illustrator) Cover Image

My Pet Hawk: English Edition (Hardcover)

By Etua Snowball, Erin Hunting (Illustrator)


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"I had always wanted a pet that flew..."

A boy is amazed when he sees a hawk swoop down and catch a lemming. From that moment on, he can't stop thinking about it. One day, the boy goes on an adventure and finds his very own baby hawk to keep as a pet. But he doesn't know what hawk chicks eat or why his new pet won't stop biting him. Can the boy learn to care for the hawk and teach it the skills it needs to survive on its own? Acclaimed singer and songwriter Etua Snowball recounts how he found his pet hawk and shares the lessons boy and bird taught each other during one unforgettable summer.

Etua Snowball is an Inuk author who writes of his traditional and unexpected experiences within a modernizing world. He is also an award-winning musician with lyrics established by his poetry. Actor, sculptor, and artist are just a few accomplishments within his knowledge in many fields. Living in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik, Etua lived on the land with his family during his upbringing between first ice break and the first snowfall. He met tourists from all over the world on a weekly basis while they experienced fishing and hunting on Inuit lands. Befriending and raising wild animals kept his life eventful and closer to nature as he grew into adulthood. In an effort to keep his culture alive in modern times, Etua is also the Director of Education Services for Nunavik with a McGill University honours degree, Prime Minister's Award for teaching excellence, and a Citizenship Award under his belt.
Product Details ISBN: 9781774506066
ISBN-10: 1774506068
Publisher: Inhabit Education Books Inc.
Publication Date: October 17th, 2023
Pages: 44
Language: English