Raise Your Voice: An Urgent Call to Speak Out in a Collapsing Culture (Paperback)

Raise Your Voice: An Urgent Call to Speak Out in a Collapsing Culture By Myles A. Rutherford Cover Image

Raise Your Voice: An Urgent Call to Speak Out in a Collapsing Culture (Paperback)


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The Lord is calling His people to break their silence and proclaim the Gospel to everyone—right now.

The clock is ticking, and the time is now.

In every age, God has raised up men to call His people back to righteousness. Despite their flaws, He gives them the grace to do His will, no matter the cost.

Today, as we drown in a flood of evil, God is again looking for people who will call the world to righteousness. Maybe one of those people is you. If you long to be a voice for Him but don’t know what to say or how to say it, this book is for you.

In this bracing book, Myles Rutherford warns of the danger of complacency and describes the reward for speaking up. This is not a book about church growth, pastoral effectiveness, or winning friends. It is a call to the holy remnant who want to bring the world to repentance—and then to revival.

The Holy Spirit is being poured out on young and old, on men and women, on rich and poor—but the Master still wants you. There is a price to pay when you speak God’s truth to a rebellious world, but with it come power and passion that make it all worth it.

Raise your voice. There’s no time to lose.
Pastor Myles Rutherford is a revivalist whose aim is to ignite the fire of God in the hearts of people across the globe. He serves alongside his wife, Pastor DeLana Rutherford, as the founder of Worship with Wonders Church in Marietta, Georgia. They have two children. Myles is a successful author, songwriter, and recording artist who has appeared on various media outlets, including TBN and radio.
Product Details ISBN: 9781684514694
ISBN-10: 168451469X
Publisher: Salem Books
Publication Date: September 19th, 2023
Pages: 208
Language: English
“Today’s complacency is tomorrow’s captivity. There is no such thing as silent Christianity. Accordingly, just like the prophet Elijah and John the Baptist in their respective generations, Myles Rutherford is one of the most anointed and truth-telling voices alive today! Pastor Myles embodies the following: truth must never be sacrificed on the altar of expediency. It’s time to go raise our voices! This book is not a must-read, it is a must-do.” -Samuel Rodriguez President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

“Raise Your Voice is a book for our time. Never before have the torrents of Hell been met by so deadly a silence as the time we find ourselves in today. The threat of cancel culture has forced the majority of well-intentioned people to adopt silence as their new warfare strategy. Those who adopt this strategy fail to recognize that if they are silent, they are already as good as canceled. I met Myles Rutherford through my Instagram news feed. His voice cried aloud with such boldness and courage that I wondered whether if indeed one could say the things he was saying and still possess an Instagram account. His voice is like John the Baptist’s. In the midst of the echoes, reposting what’s popular, he has opted to travel the lonely road of truth-telling. His book is not for penguins, it’s for eagles. It’s not for those who have substituted Christianity for a nice thirty-minute TED talk sponsored by Jesus every Sunday. It’s explicit and unfiltered content designed to deliberately rally a remnant—a John the Baptist generation. What I love most about the book is his intention to raise other prophetic voices around the world who will stand up for what is right. I highly recommend this book and it’s author. He is a man who lives what he says and says what he lives.” -Tomi Arayomi Founder of RIG Nation 

“This book is about being a voice for God in a society that is moving away from Him. It encourages readers to speak out with truth and love, using their God-given authority and faith to make a difference in the world. It also discusses the challenges and rewards of being a voice for God, and the impact that believers can have in bringing about repentance and revival.” -Vladimir Savchuk Pastor, HungryGen Church, Pasco, Washington, and author of Break Free

"Pastor Myles Rutherford is a very passionate and intentional man of God. Among his strongest mandates is the call to “Stir-An-At-Ease-Zion” (Amos 6:1 “Ease/Quiet”). Raise Your Voice is not a book intended to make us feel cozy. Raise Your Voice is the beacon from a lighthouse to warn and help us navigate dangerous waters! Thank you, Pastor Myles Rutherford, for your strength and conviction. You address a people who don’t even blush at their sin (Jeremiah 6:15).” -Joseph and Yolanda Morgan Pastors, Celebration of Life Church, Nashville, Tennessee

“The greatest danger to our nation is not a loud devil, it’s a quiet church. Pastor Myles Rutherford has issued a clarion call for those within the Body of Christ to find their voice and use it to push back the agenda of Hell and release the power and plan of God in the earth. Read this book and know THE REMNANT IS RISING!” -Jim Raley Founder /senior pastor, Calvary Christian Center, Ormond Beach, Florida

“My friend, Myles Rutherford, teaches us that God reveals Himself and works through determined yet daring people—those not afraid to be loud and heard, when most prefer to just be quiet and unseen. RAISE YOUR VOICE!” -Jamie Tuttle Pastor, Dwelling Place Church, Cleveland, Tennessee 

“This is a book for everyone who truly wants to fear God more than they fear man. In every generation, God raises prophets who declare the Word of God without fear or compromise. Myles Rutherford is one of these in our day. When I hear this man’s voice, I hear God’s Word. In the midst of the words in this book, hear God’s voice. I’m praying this book gets into every hand that needs it and stiffens the spine of every person who reads it.” - Mark Varughese Senior leader, Kingdomcity 

“Some books carry more than a good message, they carry the author’s life message. Raise Your Voice is one of those books. Myles Rutherford is a modern-day John the Baptist, a remnant voice, a revival maker, a burning and blazing torch who lives to prepare the way for an outpouring of God’s Spirit. The words in this book are alive with the Spirit of God to compel every reader and every believer to rise up and speak out. As you devour this book, you will be unable to remain silent and you, too, will become one of God’s remnant voices in a desperate hour on this earth.” - Brian Bolt Pastor, CityReach Church, Whittier, California

“In the beginning when there was nothing, God spoke, and everything came into existence—thus establishing the power and authority of the spoken word. While on the earth, Jesus told His followers (and us) that anything He did we could do and “things greater than this,” solidifying that the same power in the spoken word from Heaven exists in the mouth of every believer who is aligned with God. Pastor Myles is anointed of God to rally the remnant of our generation to walk in the fullness of our apostolic authority. You will be encouraged and empowered through his new book, Raise Your Voice.” - Tony Suarez Founder, Revivalmakers Ministries