Faraway from My Roots: I Ventured into: the Land of Plenty, Pleasure and Prejudice (Hardcover)

Faraway from My Roots: I Ventured into: the Land of Plenty, Pleasure and Prejudice By Ivania Inyange Cover Image

Faraway from My Roots: I Ventured into: the Land of Plenty, Pleasure and Prejudice (Hardcover)


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In pursuing what would be next, after graduating from the National University of Rwanda with a bachelor's degree in Clinical Psychology, Clementine, now Ivania, got a Visa to immigrate to the US. This was a dream come true When she set her feet in the US, she was pleased yet puzzled about opportunities in America after struggling to keep up with the 12 hours shift of her first job, which she eventually quit.

She was not willing to back out of her dream, so she moved from Ohio to Loma Linda, California, to initiate the pursuit of her graduate degree, which she believes is the way to achieving the American dream. When the caravan of her pursuit was hit so hard by the unexpected, she dropped her graduate program, making her quest a forsaken thing.

She moved to the next city, the glorious shore of the American Dream. A major blow to her yet aggravated when she couldn't do the thing she loved most because the mirror told Ivania the truth, reminding the beautiful lady of her skinny self; she realized the requirements to fit in for a modeling job were a threat to her health. She experienced challenges that were tempted to rob her of the value she upholds for her home culture while fighting to make ends meet. She hopes to survive all those challenges, but she realizes they only bring her closer to the American dream. But did she get there...?

In this witty yet honest memoir, Ivania shares stories on undertaking Aspirations, Friendship, Sex, and dating. In her everyday life, she shows us what Love, Loneliness, and Racism mean while being far from her roots. From learning to navigate the L.A. traffic to enjoying showing someone a middle finger, she is stepping forward to embrace this new culture but wonders what may become of her.

Far Away from my Roots promises to ignite in every reader the desire to embrace new cultures and get a first-hand taste of the advantages of multicultural life. If diversity in nationality, civilization, sexuality, and quality of life is a pool we need to dive in to refresh our humanity, then let Ivania Inyange's story be your diving board. Her adventure in her new home country will make just you, and I appreciate the concept of cultural sensitivity.

Product Details ISBN: 9781669818601
ISBN-10: 1669818608
Publisher: Xlibris Us
Publication Date: August 5th, 2022
Pages: 258
Language: English