Wise Confidence: Overcome Self-Doubt and Build Lasting Self-Esteem (Paperback)

Wise Confidence: Overcome Self-Doubt and Build Lasting Self-Esteem By Giovanni Dienstmann Cover Image

Wise Confidence: Overcome Self-Doubt and Build Lasting Self-Esteem (Paperback)


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“A road map to self-empowerment, illuminating the journey from self-doubt to authenticity. The book’s unique blend of psychology, spirituality, and personal growth creates a comprehensive guide for building lasting self-assurance.”
—David A. Treleaven, PhD, author of Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness

Imagine you had total confidence in yourself, in all areas of your life. We all want to believe in ourselves to the fullest—yet in a culture that confuses bravado, delusion, and narcissism with self-confidence, it’s no wonder we subconsciously internalize a limiting identity defined by fear and doubt. “My goal is to show you a different approach to confidence,” says Giovanni Dienstmann. “Not based on arrogance, but integrity, rooted in a fully integrated, energized, and unwavering faith in yourself. I call this wise confidence.”

With Wise Confidence, this expert teacher and life coach brings together lessons and research from psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and mindfulness into a practical framework for genuine self-belief and inner strength. Here you’ll discover:

• Three pillars of self-confidence: Aspiration, Awareness, Action
• Finding the best in you—getting clear about your strengths, weaknesses, and vision of who you want to be
• Practices for releasing negative emotions, embodying self-confidence, facing fear, and more
• Guidance for cultivating authentic relationships and setting boundaries
• The four spiritual principles that support connection, optimism, and a sense of purpose
• Dozens of exercises, meditations, and powerful awareness tools for developing a new self-image with limitless potential

“So many of us labor under a mistaken idea about who we are and what we are capable of,” teaches Dienstmann. “Wise confidence is a skill that can be learned—a skill that you can learn. Though the journey can be challenging, the only requirements are a deep desire to change and a willingness to take ownership of your healing, growth, and purpose. It is time to reclaim your power—and your true self.”

Giovanni Dienstmann is a self-discipline coach, meditation teacher, and author who focuses on the intersection between wisdom, peace, and power. Giovanni has helped hedge fund managers, executives, entrepreneurs, artists, and pro athletes to live a more focused and purposeful life. Since 2014, he has been helping people to overcome distractions, procrastination, fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. As a meditation teacher, he runs one of the top most visited meditation blogs on the web.

Learn more at mindfulselfdiscipline.com and liveanddare.com.

Product Details ISBN: 9781649631176
ISBN-10: 1649631170
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: March 12th, 2024
Pages: 288
Language: English

Wise Confidence masterfully presents a road map to self-empowerment, illuminating the journey from self-doubt to authenticity. The book’s unique blend of psychology, spirituality, and personal growth creates a comprehensive guide for building lasting self-assurance. As someone who writes and teaches about trauma, I’m often looking for resources to recommend, and this is one. If you’re seeking a transformative shift from limitation to empowerment, Dienstmann is a powerful guide to uncovering your true potential.” —David A. Treleaven, PhD, author of Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness

“Most books on this topic are either too new agey, too theoretical, or filled with motivational platitudes. Wise Confidence stands apart as a well-written and down-to-earth manual to self-transformation, grounded in ancient spiritual principles.” —Dhyanse, author of 10 Bulls of Meditation

“In Wise Confidence, Giovanni invites you to embrace your aspirations and design your identity so you can authentically live from the inside out. The three pillars of self-confidence enable you to shift from self-doubt to self-belief and inner strength. This book emanates empowerment and peace—a rare and magical combination that fuels both greater success and fulfillment.” —Katie Stoddart, leadership coach and speaker, author of The Magic of Focus

Wise Confidence is a truly accessible and useful guide to developing and deepening your self-awareness and self-trust—our birthright—and overcoming the obstacles to achieving that.

“Giovanni Dienstmann offers a concise, comprehensive framework of three essential pillars: Aspiration—cultivating the values and traits needed to live authentically from the inside out; Awareness—practicing the witnessing, focusing, imagining, shifting mindsets and states, and reframing narratives and beliefs necessary to evolve beyond one’s previous conditioning and identity to a more wholesome alignment with one’s true self; Action—the self-discipline to consistently choose to act from our strengths and enforce boundaries against toxicity.

Wise Confidence is a masterfully creative synthesis of the most reliable practices from modern psychology, meditation, and spiritually based personal growth, all presented with very practical step-by-step instructions. It is also meticulously crafted, not a false or misleading note anywhere. The reader can take genuine ownership of the process. A real gem.” —Linda Graham, MFT, psychotherapist and author of Resilience

“In Wise Confidence, Giovanni has provided us with a wonderfully innovative and detailed approach to gaining confidence. He has shared the wisdom he has gained over his own life’s journey, having been brought up in an environment that did not foster self-esteem or self-confidence. As a result of his inner search, he has given us the methods to develop a new self-image and inner power. The path outlined in the book cultivates the five elements of self-belief, courage, optimism, integrity, and determination. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a way to build greater inner strength and a more optimal way of navigating through the world.” —Dr. Swami Shankardev Saraswatī, author of The Practices of Yoga for the Digestive System

“This book brings together tools from personal development, mindfulness, psychology, and wisdom traditions into a practical system that will help you build unshakable confidence and courage.” —Tal Leead, PsyD, author of Happier Being

Wise Confidence by Giovanni Dienstmann is your one-stop shop for turning self-doubt into self-belief. It’s like a gym for your self-esteem, but instead of lifting weights, you’re lifting your spirits with lessons from psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and mindfulness. So, if you’re ready to flex your confidence muscles, this book is the personal trainer you didn’t know you needed.” —Nicholas Stein, CMT-P, producer of National Geographic Channel’s hit series Border Wars and author of Mindfulness as a Second Language

“A fascinating, insightful, and practical book that will help you build unwavering self-confidence.” —Patrik Edblad, author of The Self-Discipline Blueprint

“This book is a game changer for anyone courageous enough to step into who they really are. Giovanni provides practical guidance for sensing your core presence, giving you the tools to shine with unshakable strength of heart and mind. This is his best book yet.” —Sean Fargo, founder of Mindfulness Exercises

“Deep and nuanced, yet practical and down to earth, this powerful book guides you to let go of your fear-based limitations and authentically step into your most confident self. Giovanni Dienstmann, once again, skillfully merges ancient wisdom with contemporary science, providing actionable guidance that will help you create unshakable confidence and turn your boldest aspirations into reality.

“As someone who has often struggled with quietening self-doubt and taking action, I won’t hesitate to go back to this book when I need guidance, inspiration, or motivation to keep moving forward, fears and all!” —Shannon Jenkins, podcast host and public speaking coach

“This book masterfully combines actionable tools, inspiring stories, and ancient wisdom to help you find the best in yourself and live an inspiring life of confidence.” —Aziz Gazipura, PsyD, bestselling author of The Art of Extraordinary Confidence

“At getAbstract, we are always on the lookout for actionable tools to put wisdom into practice—and Wise Confidence provides them in spades. With reflection questions and suggested daily practices, Dienstmann guides you toward discovering who you want to be and acting in alignment with your aspirational identity. The book is practical, yet doesn’t rely on hacks. It draws on academic research and spiritual concepts, yet presents them in an accessible framework. Dienstmann’s previous book, Mindful Self-Discipline, has been a getAbstract customer favorite—and we can’t wait to add the sequel to our library.” —Ramona Marcionetti, content manager for getAbstract