Natural Remedies for Sleep: Essential Oils, Meditation, Acupressure, and More for a Good Night's Rest (Paperback)

Natural Remedies for Sleep: Essential Oils, Meditation, Acupressure, and More for a Good Night's Rest By Dr. Kye Peven, ND Cover Image

Natural Remedies for Sleep: Essential Oils, Meditation, Acupressure, and More for a Good Night's Rest (Paperback)


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Discover non-pharmaceutical solutions for better sleep

A good night’s sleep can do wonders for your physical and mental health. But if you struggle with falling or staying asleep, your frustration may have you looking to sleep medicine for help. This natural remedies book will show you a better way. Natural Remedies for Sleep provides the knowledge, tools, and natural solutions for how to sleep smarter. Explore why we sleep, along with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques, meditation, essential oils, acupressure, and more to help you get the full, consistent rest you deserve.

  • Sleep 101—Learn the basics of what good sleep is, why we need it, some common sleep issues, and the short- and long-term benefits of a dependable night’s sleep.
  • Sleep tool kit—Good sleep takes planning—discover a list of the resources and items you need for getting a better night’s sleep, and creating a smart sleep routine for yourself.
  • Sleep scenarios—Find suggested natural sleep remedies for adults and techniques for overcoming a range of sleep problems and scenarios, such as insomnia, interrupted sleep patterns, and digestion issues.

Fall asleep and stay asleep with the helpful and all-natural techniques and resources in this empathetic book.
Dr. Kye Peven is a doctor of Chinese medicine currently practicing in Seattle, Washington, where he focuses on restoring and optimizing the body’s natural healing potential, using diet, lifestyle, acupuncture, homeopathy, and herbal medicine.
Product Details ISBN: 9781647396473
ISBN-10: 1647396476
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: August 24th, 2021
Pages: 176
Language: English
“Sleep is one of the great secrets of robust vitality, and yet can be so challenging in modern times. Dr. Kye Peven distills extensive professional training in natural medicine into a powerful set of wonderful practices and remedies that empower you to ease your way into restorative, healthful sleep. Natural Remedies for Sleep is a fantastic, clear, and concise guide to enjoying sleep beyond your wildest dreams.” —Brandt Stickley, LAc, associate professor, College of Classical Chinese Medicine and National College of Natural Medicine

“Dr. Kye Peven expertly delivers a truly integrative approach on how to obtain quality sleep. Drawing from his extensive knowledge of Western and Eastern medicine, this all-encompassing, easy-to-read guide will remedy your sleep and have you counting less sheep.” —Donald Spears, ND, MSOM, Boulder Clinic Director

“Kye Pevin, ND, has brought us a gift in Natural Remedies for Sleep. He reviews with welcome clarity the nature of sleep, sleep disruption, and remedies for sleep disruption that are natural. His writing is clear and easily understood. He does not try to sell a product or a single therapeutic approach. He trusts the reader to sample the array of therapeutic possibilities. Kye will teach you a series of common-sense interventions—focusing on what is sleep, sleep as skill, daytime behavior, meditation, exercise, and more. Would strongly recommend this small, clear, carefully thought-out volume to anyone who has a sleep disruption and a wish to be healthy.” —Warren Grossman, PhD