Meditation for Kids: 40 Activities to Manage Emotions, Ease Anxiety, and Stay Focused (Paperback)

Meditation for Kids: 40 Activities to Manage Emotions, Ease Anxiety, and Stay Focused By Tejal V. Patel Cover Image

Meditation for Kids: 40 Activities to Manage Emotions, Ease Anxiety, and Stay Focused (Paperback)


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A little calm for your little ones—the joy of meditation for kids ages 4 to 8

Meditation is great for dealing with tough feelings—even for kids! It doesn't matter if your child is upset and needs to take a minute to calm down or you just want them to be a bit more focused, Meditation for Kids has the perfect exercise to help them out.

Teach your child how fun and easy meditation for kids can be. Exercises are simple and short so you don't have to fight to keep their attention. From Stop-Sign Breath and Meditating on a Lily Pad to Happy Hummingbird and Anger Washing Machine, Meditation for Kids is filled with dozens of different kinds of exercises, each tailored to specific situations. Help your child start on the path to inner peace today!

Meditation for Kids helps your child:
  • Stay in control—Whether they're angry, upset, or even tired, learn how you can help your little one take charge of their big feelings.
  • All kinds of activities—Breathing exercises, mindfulness practice, yoga poses, and more—discover a whole world of ways for your kid to explore meditation.
  • Fun and engaging—Keep their body and mind busy with easy-to-do and super entertaining meditation activities that only take a few minutes each.

The path to calm and inner peace (for you and your child) starts here—with Meditation for Kids.
Tejal V. Patel is a former divorce attorney turned mindfulness and meditation advocate for moms and kids. Her fun and practical ways to infuse mindfulness and meditation into every day make her a go-to resource for modern moms seeking to raise calm, confident, and compassionate children. Visit for more info or follow her on Instagram @tejalvpatel.
Product Details ISBN: 9781646115327
ISBN-10: 1646115325
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: April 14th, 2020
Pages: 106
Language: English
"As soon as we got it, the kids couldn't wait to explore. Its layout is very user-friendly and the illustrations are just darling. The kids (mine are 8 and 5) have so much fun and the pictures really help facilitate the instructions to make it vivid and fun to do in their minds. Plus, they only take a minute or two at most to read and do." - Customer Review

“This book is a priceless tool for parents, educators, and children’s caregivers to bridge the new research on the benefits of meditation and the growing concerns over mental health among young children. Fun, creative, simple, and timely, Meditation for Kids offers meditation practices for children with different personality types and emotional needs.” —Roma Khetarpal, mindfulness educator, founder of Tools of Growth, author of the award-winning book, The “Perfect” Parent

“In a time when children have access to constant stimulation, it is more important than ever to teach them how to quiet their mind and find their inner power. In this beautiful book, Tejal Patel walks children through the ins and outs of meditation in a way that both parents and children can learn together.” —Kate Butler, creator of Kate Butler Books and the More Than Mud kids book series

“A practical and valuable tool for both parents and kids. Tejal has created a wonderfully crafted roadmap for parents to introduce the power of meditation to their children.” —Mallika Chopra, author of Just Breathe and Just Feel, how-to wellness books for kids

"This book is a GODSEND. It will help parents guide their children through their rollercoaster of emotions in some fun, stress free techniques. I also find it helping me when my kids are having big emotions." — Customer Review

"Tejal is extremely knowledgeable and really knows how to connect with kids so that they learn how to handle emotional stresses in a healthy way. I just KNOW that the kids who use this book will grow up to be AMAZING examples and leaders. " — Customer Review

"Tejal Patel is an expert in the realm of raising calm, confident and compassionate children and her expertise shines through in this book! These exercises are easy to follow, easy to remember and fun for kids. This is a great resource for parents and a book everyone should have on their shelves!" — Customer Review