The Compleat Angler - Legacy Edition: A Celebration Of The Sport And Secrets Of Fishing And Fly Fishing Through Story And Song (Hardcover)

The Compleat Angler - Legacy Edition: A Celebration Of The Sport And Secrets Of Fishing And Fly Fishing Through Story And Song By Isaak Walton Cover Image

The Compleat Angler - Legacy Edition: A Celebration Of The Sport And Secrets Of Fishing And Fly Fishing Through Story And Song (Hardcover)


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The Timeless Manual For The Sport Of Fishing

This deluxe reprint Legacy Edition of Isaak Walton's The Compleat Angler (Complete Angler) is full of old-time tips and methods for catching that legendary big fish. First published in 1653, this timeless book is loaded with stories and secrets of the sport of fishing. Almost four centuries old, this book has served as the definitive fishing manual for generations This version reprints an edition with beautiful antique illustrations and line art to complement Walton's explanation of fishing skills.

The Compleat Angler is one of the oldest books on the sport of fishing, providing centuries-old essential knowledge about the craft. Written in prose and verse, but stuffed full of tips, ideas, technique, and observations about the lives of fish. A perfect addition to any angler's library with its tremendous historic value toward the hobby of fishing. It was THE popular book on fishing for centuries, on every aspiring and accomplished angler's bookshelves alike.

Join the narrator Piscator as he tells stories and songs about fishing to his student Venator, the aspiring angler. Through the stories, many of the secrets of fishing and fly fishing are revealed to the reader. It may read differently than today's books, but it represents a time when the fishing sport was at its purest Readers are sure to find within its pages tidbits and anecdotes worth retelling in the modern day

This book includes timeless knowledge on multiple fishing topics, including fishing poles, lures, fly fishing and tying flies, information on different species of fish and their mannerisms, secrets of when and how to cast out for fish, the bait preferences of fish, and of course, old fishing stories (that are often exaggerated )

This book makes a perfect gift for fishermen and fisherwomen, young and old This is the classic manual of fishing, preserved over almost four centuries Also makes a great gift for outsoorspeople, campers, hunters, and scouts. This book represents the rich history of the fishing sport, and belongs on the bookshelf of every angler

A part of the Library of American Outdoors Classics: Volume 16

This Doublebit Legacy Edition reprint of The Compleat Angler is professionally restored and presented from the original source with the highest degree of fidelity possible. Readers can enjoy this Legacy Edition for generations to come and learn from its timeless knowledge for years to come.

About the Doublebit Press Library of American Outdoors Classics

Sometimes we need to remember our history to move forward. Sometimes, remembering our heritage is just fun or inspirational. With technology playing a major role in everyday life, sometimes we need to take a step back in time to find those basic building blocks used for gaining mastery - the things that we have luckily not completely lost and has been recorded in books over the last two centuries. These skills aren't forgotten, they've just been shelved. It's time to unshelve them once again and reclaim the lost knowledge of self-sufficiency

As a part of the Doublebit Press Library of American Outdoors Classics, this unabridged Legacy Edition volume is reprinted in the exact form as it was presented in the original publication. Both important and minor details have equally both been accounted for by our publishing staff, down to the cover, font, layout, and images. It is the goal of Doublebit Legacy Edition series to preserve outdoors heritage, but also be cherished as collectible pieces, worthy of collection in any outdoorsperson's library and that can be passed to future generations.

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ISBN-10: 1643890476
Publisher: Doublebit Press
Publication Date: December 15th, 2019
Pages: 384
Language: English