Dear Mommy (Paperback)

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Dear Mommy (Paperback)


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Dear Mommy is the story of a woman's journey with an almost nonexistent faith filled with anger and resentment to finding the path of God through a trail of disappointments, heartbreak, and miracles. It follows the trials of a parent of a special needs child and the struggles of raising her while making life choices that affect not only her life but also the lives of her three children.

Her narrative will guide you through failed relationships and bad decisions, all while exploring what the child would have said if only her mother had been listening. The writer uses letters written from the children's perspective and the mother's ultimate response of what was done and perhaps what maybe should've been done instead.

Her daughter's condition and ultimate quality of life were always predetermined by physicians who would diagnose the worst-case scenarios with extreme confidence in their tones. This tale goes through the process of a child deemed to never walk, talk, or see to a child who would ultimately prove everybody wrong.

In our current climate, this book may act as a guide for the lost Christian. It shines a light on somebody that may not be a theologian, saint, or studious academic but more so the average Joe (or Joyce) who is just beginning their travels back to a faith-filled life.

Dear Mommy has been written to empower those like the writer who feel unworthy and ill equipped to start believing and begin learning about their faith. It takes the reader down a path of self-loathing and disappointment and guides to the ideals of repentance and self-forgiveness using the simplest of instruction--to love.

Product Details ISBN: 9781639030545
ISBN-10: 1639030549
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: May 27th, 2022
Pages: 300
Language: English