Acts: Paul's Arrest, Trial and Imprisonment (Paperback)

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Acts: Paul's Arrest, Trial and Imprisonment (Paperback)


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This is a precept Bible study on the book of Acts, which means you will be looking at the Bible one verse at a time to understand God's Word so that you can apply it to your daily life.

The four Gospels described Jesus's life and ended with His death and resurrection. The book of Acts continues HIS-story after the resurrection and follows the transition from the Old Covenant into the New Covenant, where the Holy Spirit came to live in the heart of the believer.

This is an eight-week study and is the third of three studies on the book of Acts. It is highly recommended that you complete the first two studies before beginning this one.

Here are the three studies:

Acts: The Birth of the Church. (12 weeks)

Acts: Paul's Three Missionary Journeys. (10 weeks)

Acts: Paul's Arrest, Trial and Imprisonment. (8 weeks)

Imagine yourself as the Apostle Paul. You have spent the past twenty years of your life travelling around the Mediterranean, sharing the Gospel and planting churches. During that time, you were harassed by Judaizers, who followed you around from city to city, trying to discredit you and get you arrested and killed.

You have just returned to Jerusalem from your third missionary journey and you're tired, and the elders of the church confront you about a rumor they heard. You haven't even had time to rest from your last mission, and you're being falsely accused of preaching against the Jewish laws and customs. So you decide to participate in a Jewish cleansing ceremony to show your accusers that you support the Jewish laws and customs.

While you are completing the ceremony, the Judaizers drag you out of the temple and try to kill you, again. Then a Roman commander steps in and saves you. However, this sets off a series of arrests and trials that will keep you in prison for the next four years. What do you do? You appeal to the highest court in the land, which in this case is Caesar.

This Bible study is about Paul's arrest and three trials, which led him to Rome and set in motion a Christian explosion that spread throughout the Roman empire. Buckle up and get ready to read about the power of the Holy Spirit working through the lives of some of God's most faithful servants

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