Government Gangsters: The Deep State, the Truth, and the Battle for Our Democracy (Hardcover)

Government Gangsters: The Deep State, the Truth, and the Battle for Our Democracy By Kash Pramod Patel Cover Image

Government Gangsters: The Deep State, the Truth, and the Battle for Our Democracy (Hardcover)


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“A brilliant roadmap highlighting every corrupt actor, to ultimately return our agencies and departments to work for the American People…we will use this blueprint to help us take back the White House and remove these Gangsters from all of Government!” —Donald J. Trump

The highest levels of government have been infiltrated by an anti-democratic Deep State that can be defeated by refocusing our national security mission and relentlessly defending the truth.

A sinister cabal of corrupt law enforcement personnel, intelligence agents, and military officials at the highest levels of government plotted to overthrow a president. Even after they failed, they continue to secretly pull the levers of power without any accountability to the American people. This isn’t the synopsis of a fictional spy thriller. This is what is actually happening in the United States government.

In Government Gangsters, Kash Patel—a former top official in the White House, the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, and the Department of Justice—pulls back the curtain on the Deep State, revealing the major players and tactics within the permanent government bureaucracy, which has spent decades stripping power away from the American people and their elected leaders. Based on his firsthand knowledge, Patel reveals how we can defeat the Deep State, reassert self-government, and restore our democracy.
Kash Pramod Patel served as the chief of staff to the Department of Defense (DOD), where his responsibilities included implementing the secretary of defense’s mission involving three-million-plus employees, a $740-billion budget, and $2 trillion in assets.

Prior to his experience at the Pentagon, Mr. Patel served as deputy assistant to the president and senior director for counterterrorism on the National Security Council (NSC). In that capacity, Mr. Patel oversaw the execution of several of President Trump’s top priorities, including eliminating Al-Qa’ida and ISIS senior leadership, and safely repatriating dozens of American hostages. As one of the highest-ranking officials at the ODNI, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the White House, Mr. Patel gained unique expertise straddling the nexus of government and private sector operations for the defense of our nation to include defense, cyber, and intel.

Before joining the NSC, Mr. Patel served as the national security advisor and senior counsel for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), where he spearheaded the investigation into the Russian active measures campaign to influence the 2016 presidential election.

A native of New York, Mr. Patel graduated from the University of Richmond with a bachelor’s in criminal justice and history, received a juris doctor from law school in New York, and a certificate in international law from the University College London Faculty of Laws in the United Kingdom. Mr. Patel left government service in January 2021 and is now in the private sector. He has established the Kash Foundation and to continue his work fighting for Americans and holding corrupt government accountable.
Product Details ISBN: 9781637588246
ISBN-10: 1637588240
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Publication Date: September 26th, 2023
Pages: 288
Language: English
“I recommend #GovernmentGangsters by Kash Patel (Post Hill Press), in which he goes after the #Russiagate rumor of 2016 against Trump. He thoroughly covers the Devin Nunes memo, which he investigated, implicating the DOJ, FBI, CIA, Clintons’ DNC, and, among others, Representative Adam Schiff, who is now running for the Senate from California.... But my endorsing this book isn’t because I’m pro- or anti-Trump—the problem is deeper. So much of our Government has degenerated to a state of lying that it believes its own lies…. To sum it up, I’d say this book is really about the Big Lie and how it infects us. In this case, if you follow the outlines of this, you can see how it’s led us to a place where Biden and Co. are now threatening a nuclear Russia, and our populace is not well informed.”
Oliver Stone