The POWER of the OVERVIEW: Answers to Ultimate Questions (Paperback)

The POWER of the OVERVIEW: Answers to Ultimate Questions By Jon C. Rogers Cover Image

The POWER of the OVERVIEW: Answers to Ultimate Questions (Paperback)


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People once believed the Earth was the center of the Universe, the Gods controlled the elements and humanity must suffer endlessly under them. Then they discovered the laws of Nature, acquired a new view of reality and Life got infinitely better.

This book presents a new, more accurate view of Life on Earth, based on new physical evidence and inspired by the personal paradigm shift Astronauts experience when viewing the Earth from Orbit. They call it "The Overview."

Whatever you think about your current personal situation or the direction of society, you cannot fix a problem you cannot see. Here is the physical evidence and answers to your ultimate questions about your life and existence that will enable you to see what has been invisible to you, truths that will reveal a power within you that you've always had and let you change the future, your future.

This book is about giving you the Power of the Overview

It is divided into three sections.

In the first section, it offers you a new way of looking at life and existence. It then describes the basis of a free society, its value, purpose and why ours should be saved. It next gives you the logical tools to enable you to understand reality and life on a deeper, more accurate level.

The second section shows you the evidence for this new view of reality in a far more detailed way. It answers the many supposedly unanswered questions about such subjects as Life and Existence, Mind and Free will, Knowledge and Truth, Values and Morality, God, Life and Death as well as many of the Personal, Loaded and Trick questions about life you may have.

The third section is a synopsis of what this means to you and some personal helpful hints the author hopes will help you succeed in life. It also contains two appendixes for those who wish to delve deeper into this new philosophy and compare it to the major existing schools of thought being taught in Universities today.

More than any other book you may have read, this knowledge can help you see the fundamental challenges you face in life and give you the tools to triumph over them. If you choose to use them.

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Publication Date: February 29th, 2024
Pages: 314
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