Turtle Rock (Paperback)

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Turtle Rock (Paperback)


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Turtle Rock, a biblical parable, takes place in a real-life pond near an old, historical, New England seaside town. Thaddeus, a physically challenged Black Painted Turtle with an abnormally curved hunched back shares the message of redemption to pond creatures and humans. (Rom 8:19-23) He hears the creation singing, proclaiming restoration and newness of life. Often misunderstood, Thaddeus's love and compassion for all reveals his humble, unselfish heart that generates life with an intoxicating expectation for a new earth and heavens filled with beauty, peace, and divine perfection. Adventure, friendship, love, forgiveness, compassion, hope, and pending terror pulsate through the pages. The reader journeys from Days Pond, to Noah's Ark, the Garden in Eden and across the universe. Songs, poems, and scriptures fill this story with life and light from above.

"Grand-Father, why did my parents have to die?" Thaddeus softly inquired with eyes wide and innocent revealing deep sadness. Methuselah tenderly and lovingly replied to his Great, Great Grand-Son, "This was not the original intention of our Father Creator in His Divine Order of the Creation, no, not the purity of His intent. Violence did not exist until lawlessness arrived with the darkness." As Methuselah explained what he meant, Thaddeus with a hatchling's inquisitive innocence asked, "Grand-Father, is that when predators were born?" Methuselah unhappily answered, "Yes."

My stories are written about the creation in honor of my Father, the Maker and the Creator of the heavens and earth. His stories should be told. His creative power and beauty still surrounds us. It needs to be acknowledged and appreciated. The creation waits on us to wake up so that they, too can share in the redemption and restoration.

I am a dedicated, manifested daughter of glory serving Christ. I reside in Cape Ann, a seaside area in Massachusetts. It is a privilege and honor as an author to write for Him and make Him known. Deep intimacy is to first know Him and His heart, the Father of all Creation. All stories of the creation are birthed in Him. My stories are not written to increase a platform or make my name known but to make His Name famous on the earth and in the cosmos. (Matthew 6:33) All Glory to Him

Product Details ISBN: 9781630502805
ISBN-10: 1630502804
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: January 16th, 2020
Pages: 190
Language: English