The Illuminated Breath (Paperback)

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The Illuminated Breath (Paperback)


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Named by mindbodygreen as one of the best health and wellness books for 2022

From our first breath to our last, we spend our entire lives in a perpetual cycle of inhalations and exhalations. Yet few of us are taught how to breathe, why we breathe, or the ways in which the breath influences us emotionally, energetically, physically, and spiritually.

The Illuminated Breath is a revolutionary manual on unlocking the power of the breath. With humor, clarity, and an appreciation for the art of storytelling, revered yoga practitioner Dylan Werner delves into the rich histories of breathing techniques and breath work, while validating these practices with a strong lean toward physiology and science. Using enlightening, practical examples from everyday life, Werner explains how energy flows through the body and how the breath can be used to regulate and control that flow. He walks readers through pranayama, the ancient yogic practice of breath control, and explains the four components of the breath cycle. He then introduces pranayama practices, which can be used on their own or combined into sequences to achieve specific goals. The final part of this book leads readers through a series of targeted breath sequences that are designed to boost athletic performance and recovery, improve sleep, enhance cognitive function, relieve anxiety, promote deep relaxation, and more. Each sequence is customizable and can be modified or used in combination with other sequences to create a personalized breath plan.

Embark on a life-changing journey as you learn how to breathe optimally and bring balance to your life, one inhalation and exhalation at a time.
Dylan Werner is a renowned international yoga instructor and author. His extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and deep understanding of eastern philosophy lends a unique perspective to his teachings. Former US Marine and Iraq War veteran turned city firefighter/paramedic, Dylan left his career to pursue a life of mindfulness, dedicating himself to helping others in their journey toward a more peaceful, harmonious life. Please visit for additional information.
Product Details ISBN: 9781628605006
ISBN-10: 1628605006
Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing
Publication Date: January 24th, 2023
Pages: 256
Language: English