In Search of New Horizons by Shashi De Soysa


This book is more than an autobiography, and a little less than an epic. It is the saga in the life of an adventurous young woman who dares to shed the social shackles that limited her search for New Horizons in the land of her birth. She arrives in America- the ‘Don’t fence me in’ country of her choice. The book deals with her triumphs and disasters during her search. She takes her losses and gains with equanimity. A salient feature of her writing is that she never loses her faith in the goodness of mankind. Has she reached the end of her search? No. New Horizons will always appear. She will go on, and so should we. - USULA DESILVA, Sri Lanka

“A saga of a seemingly frail but unsinkable catamaran on the stormy seas of life”. - DAKSHEENIE ABEYEWARDENE, London, UK

A remarkable book - a tapestry beautifully woven, a soul-searching experience, describing vividly many incidents which make the story come alive. It takes the reader along the author’s courageous and triumphant journey through life. A narrative where every word rings true! - DHUSH, Bedford, UK

An Attorney from Sri Lanka, a PhD in Marine Policy from the USA, and two decades of experience at the World Bank, the author is also a poet, a published author, and a nature photographer. At the same time, she is an adoring mother and grandmother. She brings all these perspectives, into focus in this “must read” book. - WORTH BRAD CLARK, Washington, DC, USA

The author’s captivating writing style draws the reader’s full attention from the beginning. She demonstrates infinite courage to pursue a challenging professional career, while raising her young daughter with the utmost care and love serves as an inspiration to actively aspire towards a better version of oneself.  This is a book that every parent and daughter must read. - LEO MARABOLI, Chile