Courage, Innovation, and Discovery in the Development of a Medical Career (Hardcover) by Richard D. Budson


"Dr. Budson’s insight into complicated medical situations led him to actively engage so as to turn an impending disaster into a heroic victory! The variety of situations he describes are so unique, each problem with its own solution, that this volume would be terrific reading for interested up and coming medical students and young doctors."

Arnold Mackles, MD, MBA
Patient Safety Advocate, Author, and Physician Educator

"Dr. Budson describes some remarkable experiences in his medical career. The message that being proactive in a determined and persistent way brings results, comes through in every chapter. Medical students and physicians in training are made aware that they can make important contributions to medicine, even in their early years."

Welton M. Gersony, MD
Alexander S.Nadas Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics, Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons

"Dr. Budson’s important message couldn’t be clearer: initiate and implement change when a real need is recognized.  An inspiring set of medical tales exemplifies how change is accomplished at all levels of the medical hierarchy.  The result is improved medical procedures and methods, and ultimately saved lives."

Alan W. Stone, MD
Emeritus Clinical Professor of Medicine, George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences