Surviving the Storms to See the Sun Rise by Tamera L. Wells-Lee


In life there will be stormy seasons, as the years 2020 and 2021 have reminded us with the impact of a virus and the virulence of racism. During these storms, it sometimes may be difficult to see beyond all the anguish and agony unless you make a conscious effort to “Choose Joy,” the title of one of the poems in this book. Along with that poem, this collection of poetry aims to provide comfort through the pain of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic as well as the continued systemic biases people of color face daily.
The poems and reflections offer hope and a reminder that we must never lose sight of the goodness of God even during the most difficult of times. This is because joy will come in the morning and the sun will rise again!

TAMERA L. WELLS-LEE is a poet, author, and advocate who is passionate about social justice issues and matters of diversity, inclusion, and equity. She views her poetry as a God-given talent to call out injustices with compassion and clarity with an aim of helping those who are marginalized. In addition to this book, she also is the author of Power to the Poems: Turning Points into Poetic Action.