Did You Even Know I Was Here? by Sean Felix


Sean Felix writes with the fervor of every writer who has fallen in love with the seductive muse of Paris. His work is fueled by a gritty determination to keep crawling forward—through insomniac nights and midnight possessions. This collection beckons like a wisp of smoke through a series of lucid dreams and haunting memories, drawn on blood-rusted images of long ago ward and the bittersweet longing of modern day lovers.

—Sarah Herrin, author of The Oceanography of Her


Sean Felix has been a writer, artist, musician and teacher in the DMV for 20 years. Since the age of 5, he has dreamed and searched for beauty. He studied poetry and comparative religion at Georgetown University, and studied biblical language at the Graduate Theological Union. He’s glad to be back on his artistic journey. His poetry runs the gamut of emotion, adventure, love, rage, and race. He’s far more poetic when he speaks to others than when he is trapped inside his own head, which is why he needs to write. While this is the first collection of poems he has ever published, he has read several times with the Inner Loop Writer’s Collective and published the poem Please Don’t Hit Me in Bloodroot Lit vol. 11. He has several poems in the first Sunday Mornings At The River poetry anthology, and is currently a digital editor with Sunday Mornings At The River, where you can read some of his blog posts. He is currently writing a four-volume haiku series called Antonyms of Gravity.