Redesigning the University by Timothy S. Tracy, Richard J. Messina, and Serena K. Matsunaga


“Higher education is at a historical inflection point regarding traditional assumptions on the delivery, methodology, educational product, and consumer/customer expectations. This timely book succinctly organizes a process by which institutions analyze themselves, market trends, user expectations, and competitive forces. It does not attempt to provide a ‘one-size-fits-all’ template but rather encourages a serious and honest introspective analysis with the goal of positioning the institution for success in the ‘new normal’ higher education increasingly faces.”

–  E. Britt Brockman MD,
past Chair of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees


Survival is the overarching issue for many colleges and universities today. Developments in technologies, markets, and competition – as well as changes in student demographics and learner expectations – have combined to create an extremely challenging and dynamic new era for higher education.

This guidebook outlines distinctive, experience-based ideas and practical, immediately implementable initiatives to help university leaders design effective responses to this unprecedented environment. After presentation of a straightforward framework for evaluating market opportunities, individual sections address several fundamental elements of future viability:  innovative practices in teaching and learning, programs to foster student success, and leadership actions for continuously strengthening the institution’s core capabilities.