Washingtonia by Ed Spivey


Washington, D.C., is a mess, offering little help to Americans suffering from a global pandemic, deep economic uncertainty, and the baffling popularity of Tucker Carlson. Out of this fog of fear and doubt stepped one man, a man of integrity and courage, a selfless man whose entire life has been devoted to the common good. And that man is ... Mitch McConnell. Hah hah, kidding. No, that man is the author of this book, and another book, filled with essays of mirth and jest that somehow find the funny in every situation, despite being told not to. Because somebody’s got to explain what it’s like living and working in this swamp of a city, battered on every side by unscrupulous lobbyists, corrupt politicians, and scheming sycophants. And that’s just in line at Chipotle’s. Americans need a distraction, something meaningful that lifts them to a higher mental place. And while they’re waiting for that, they can read this book.

Ed Spivey Jr. was art director and humor columnist for Sojourners magazine, a Christian justice monthly in Washington, D.C. He did this work for 46 years before he finally retired, and dragged bodily from his work station and told the future waits for him outside the office door, a door now locked from the inside. His previous book, A Hamster is Missing in Washington, D.C., won the 2010 Gold Medal Award for Humor from the Independent Book Publishers Association, and is in its third printing. Washingtonia is his follow-up book, presumably also award-winning, to be announced with appropriate fanfare at a later date.

He resides in Washington with his wife, and can be found on most days working in the yard with his wife. One of them wants to go back inside and check email. (Although he can only stay inside so long before the topic of vacuuming is raised.)

See Ed Spivey's previous book, A Hamster is Missing in Washington, D.C., here: https://www.politics-prose.com/book/9781624293351

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