The Saga of Old Cimarron by Lloyd Severance Ballard


In the second half of the 19th century, all trails led to Cimarron, a small town in northern New Mexico. Cimarron was unparalleled in attracting a diverse group of people passing through and those who chose to make it their home. Explorers, outlaws, native Americans, Mexicans, and even a French chef at the White House made their way to Cimarron where every day, one didn’t know if they would live or die.

Author Lloyd Severance Ballard (1884-1964) knew the region well. He too traveled the trail to Cimarron many times from his home in Colorado. He knew the sons and daughters of many original settlers who
told him stories first-hand.

Several years ago, a dusty manuscript was discovered in the desk of his nephew. Unbeknown to his family, he had written about the history of Cimarron. At last, readers will travel the trail to Cimarron in the tracks of Lloyd Ballard.