Structural Politics by Ellis Tucci


As an architectural critique, Structural Politics: Ideology and the Built World explores the history and influences of the buildings that surround us. Through a careful examination of architectural lineage, this book dissects the ways in which buildings can support and enforce ideals seemingly invisible to the average viewer. Architecture and design influence all aspects of the world in which we live- accurate understanding of our world is predicated upon accurate understanding of how our world has been built. How is architecture political? Are there any buildings that escape the long arm of politics? How do buildings influence our thoughts and actions? Let’s talk about it.

Ellis Tucci is a historian, architectural  photographer,and poet from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. He is the host of Hidden History, a weekly radio program based around historical analysis and critique. In 2018 his company was invited to exhibit at the Boston Forbes Under 30 Summit. Tucci currently lives in Pennsylvania and spends his freetime daydreaming about buildings.

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