Leaves: A Bedtime Story by JD Gray and Kathryn Matthews


Leaves is a gorgeously illustrated children’s book – and so much more.  It is a story that imaginatively reconnects us to Nature in playful, sometimes mysterious, always wonderful ways.  It speaks to the cycle of life we all share in common as well as to global folklore and even many spiritual traditions.

With 42 years of military and civilian service, JD Gray is also a poet, a song-writer, story-teller, musician, and innovative garden designer. A former journalist, stage director, amateur archeologist, and avid horseman, his book of selected poems, Shards, will be published in 2020. A proud father and grandfather, he currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

Kathryn Matthews has pursued her life-long love of art around the world, first at the Chicago Art Institute and the Meadows School of Art at SMU where she received her BFA, the San Francisco Academy of Art, and Virginia Commonwealth University where she received her MFA. As a professional artist, she has worked as an illustrator for Scott Foresman Publishing and Mccann Erickson Advertising, as well as her own advertising business in Asia and the Middle East. Her work has been shown in various places in the Washington DC area. A proud mother and grandmother, she currently lives in Crozet near Charlottesville, Virginia.

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