The Cabin of God by Anirudh Koka


Raj had every reason to be afraid.

He was sitting next to a monkey that had just stolen his phone, in a cabin that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, across from an ancient Indian God who had offered him hot chocolate.

Lately, the 19 year old college student had felt nothing but turmoil. Ever since the death of his grandmother, he had been locked in an existential spiral. What was the point of life? What happens after you die? What decides whether we go to heaven, hell, or if we’re reborn? Does God even exist?

He didn’t know how he had reached this mysterious cabin. But he listened as Krishna, the God who resided there, told him stories of three heroes from Hindu mythology- Yudhisthira, Rama, and Karna. Through these stories, Krishna reveals the secrets of Hindu philosophy, yoga, and the true nature of God.

And for the first time in his life, Raj finds peace.