The Salvation Project by Joe Rothstein


“The Salvation Project is fashioned as a novel that conjures positive memories of great political thrillers of the past such as Richard Condon’s The Manchurian Candidate or Steven King’s The Dead Zone. Far from simply imitating those books however, Rothstein takes high stakes political espionage to a very contemporary, credibly scary, and absolutely addictive level with his opus, The Salvation Project.”
- Pacific Reviews

“Rothstein’s storyline is smart and imaginative, while also likely to resonate with readers for its timeliness. His ideas and his machinations—including the intricacies of the Project—are unusual and memorable.”
- Publishers Weekly BookLife

“Readers seeking thought-provoking political intrigue that operates on both domestic and international soils will relish the approach of The Salvation Project, which embraces elections, murder, and conspiracy at the highest levels of office and the heart.”
- Midwest Reviews

From his incomparable body of real world political experience, Joe Rothstein creates a memorable sequel to his debut novel, The Latina President and The Conspiracy to Destroy Her. A thriller that moves at a dizzying pace, with plot twists you will never guess are coming.