Decipher the Clue by M. Looney


The Gospel According to Mark, in the New Testament of the Bible, has traditionally been considered a piece of only rudimentary literary craftsmanship, at best.

But this low estimation of Mark is due to that Gospel’s consummate deceptiveness. For it actually conceals within its narrative framework a highly sophisticated and intricate literary structure, a complex and systematic vision, and persistent allusions not only to Old Testament prophecies, but to the rest of the Old Testament, to the letters of the Apostle Paul, to works of classical literature, and even to the pagan religions of its day.

As a work of such consummate deception, the Gospel According to Mark must not be approached as mere historical narrative. Instead, it must be approached as literary architecture. In that way, it reveals the complex, systematic, and transcendent vision of a highly crafted literary “temple” which replaces the demolished physical temple of Jerusalem.