Death of a Niggerboy by Devon Lesesne


“Death of the Niggerboy is a collection of poems, illustrations, and political essays that offer insights into the emotional turmoil of inner-city male youth. The poetry uses the violence embedded in the word Nigger by 20th century politicians and their predecessors. Devon uses Nigger to confront the original sin of using slavery to fund a Jeffersonian Democracy. The essays address J. Edgar Hoover’s legacy with the FBI to characterize the political movements of American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) as terrorist organizations and how COINTELPRO annihilated movements such as, the Southern Church Leadership Conference  and the legacy of coercing ADOS leaders into political-submission for the sake of the national narrative — is not after-thought in this work, but front and center. Dark humor spares us from the humdrum of political discourse as it speaks to the mental anguish of actively suppressing one’s cultural heritage for the sake of economic survival; meanwhile a sporadic satirical voice contextualizes Dubois’s double-consciousness for a contemporary audience. Death of the Niggerboy is a quirky work that redresses political correctness as a movement to politically correct the social ills that have led to the socio-economic inequities ADOS experience as Americans today. In all, Death of the Niggerboy does not seek to explain our times, but to ask why we have not changed if we know the past.” —Quenton Horton Politico/Writer

“Death of a Niggerboy is academic thought and prowess meets street vernacular and literature, this gritty compilation of short stories a quest of survival, The Niggerboy speaks on his battles with materialism and suicide. Beautiful, yet raw visuals accompanied by political essays give insight to black communities, as it pertains to the policies that have shaped a world of survival in carnage that every young black boy can relate to.”  —Rashaad McClain (Shaad Huron) Visual Artist