Broken Pieces by Doug Terry


Doug Terry began writing short stories in the 5th grade and started more serious efforts at writing at the age of 19. Because of his father’s occupation, he grew up in various locations in the eastern and southwestern states, attending eight different schools by the third grade, eleven schools in all by high school graduation. He studied history and American literature in college while working in television news as a reporter and late night news anchor. He has worked as a journalist for NPR, Washington, and many other organizations through his own news service. He worked with the people of Northern Iraq, the Kurds, on the distribution of their international satellite channel and as a producer/writer/director of video programming and documentaries for major national U.S. channels/networks. As a professional photographer, he has created a new art form by focusing light into abstract images. This work has been exhibited at a professional art gallery in Virginia. In addition, he is working on two concepts for inventions, both of which relate to increasing the usability of renewable energy sources.