A Camino for Enrique by David Atkinson


This pilgrimage was for Enrique. Enrique Iglesias. Pilgrimages on the Caminos de Santiago de Compostela have many moving forces. On this one, I was motivated by descriptions of the beauty of the route along the Camino del Norte on the coast of the Basque country, Cantabria and Asturias, then down through the mountains of the Camino Primitivo, and finally to the last few stages of the French route, quiet paths through pine and eucalyptus forests in eastern Galicia. And I wanted to do it in homage to Enrique Iglesias. I am talking about the international statesman Enrique Iglesias, who can command an audience as well as any pop star and leave its members as moved by his analysis of world issues and his vision for the future as concert goers might be by a stirring rendition of some of the most popular Latin hits.I am talking about the Enrique Iglesias who was brave enough to entrust me with responsibilities at the Inter-American Development Bank that not only allowed me to live the work of the Bank in-country but gave my family the opportunity to share that life. In a way, Enrique sent me out on a pilgrimage, and I wanted to show my deep appreciation.