Sober Heart by Mary Ellin Lerner

“Mary Ellin Lerner's memoir Sober Heart: Reflections on Life and Love in Recovery is a brave, wise, beautifully written book about addiction, self-worth, and the courage to prevail. In the midst of a national crisis of addiction, Mary Ellin's unflinching honesty is at the heart of this story of small steps and failures, and finally the optimism to tell the truth with dignity and spirit.” —Susan Richards Shreve, Author of More News Tomorrow (W.W. Norton Company).

“Many bits of useful wisdom…thoughtful and candid.” —Kirkus Reviews
"Lerner's bite-sized essays deliver wisdom via vulnerable anecdotes and quietly lyrical confessions....That it's the author accounting for her own foibles affords the memoir particular power and grace. Lerner movingly captures the motivations that lead to substance abuse."--Publishers Weekly/Booklife Prize
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