Antarctic Siren Song by Patricia Garfinkel


The poems in this book portray a place that few of us have an opportunity to see or even imagine.  The author was lucky enough to travel  there as the speechwriter for the head of the National Science Foundation which is the Federal agency that has jurisdiction over the U.S. programs in Antarctica. A chance of a lifetime.
     Today we recognize some frightening changes in our Planet. It is important to understand that nature has it's own time frame and to recognize what we might be doing to ruin it.

Through these short poems the author has created an amazingly precise portrayal of the unique beauty, romance, terror, history and science of this pristine and unforgiving continent, the creatures who live and survive at the bottom of the world and the adventurous scientists who discover what Antarctica’s past and present tells us about the Earth’s future. —Neal Lane, Former Director of the U.S National Science Foundation