Operation Thumbprint by Louis Eby


Sometimes real-world events get resolved, but the facts revealed still don’t make sense. The circumstances surrounding Beaudry Robert “Bowe” Bergdahl come to mind. Louis Eby spins a tale about what could happen in the same circumstances and gives us characters we come to want as friends.

Lieutenant Colonel John Watts is in a funk these days. He’s got no girlfriend, a difficult General as his boss, and a double life in the Army where he officially procures intel on weapons for U.S. troops. Unofficially, Lt. Col. Watt’s mission is more dubious. Loneliness has set in after his good friend leaves with the love of his life, Ginger. Just then a new mission emerges out of nowhere, along with the reappearance of Joyce Rosie, a former colleague who he had feelings for in the past. In a whirlwind of activity, John is fast-tracked to the rank of Colonel and thrust into a secret mission involving prisoners at GTMO, Middle East royalty, and a classified thumbprint implant. He and Joyce must negotiate the release of Sergeant Benjamin, an Army enlistee who walked off base in Afghanistan and has been held captive by the Taliban for several years. More difficult, the Colonel has to figure out his feelings for the mysterious and talented Joyce Rosie.

Intriguing, funny and plausible, Operation Thumbprint is the first in a series of four books that follow John Watts, his dogs, his life and his missions. Operation Thumbprint will not disappoint with its refreshing banter and cynical characters entangled in missions no one will admit exist.