Invitation to a Country Called Aging Written by Patricia Garfinkel and Myra Sklarew Illustrated by Blake Young


As we age, we recognize a coming separation. For some, our beliefs offer one kind of journey forward. For others:  a variety of ways to approach the final separation from this life. In this collection of observations about aging, humor is an essential ingredient. And the dilemma about opening new doors, new relationships, exploring our world or clearing out, putting things in order. And it is about basics: not sleeping, getting lost, causes we really care about, dealing with computer scams. Here is our invitation to readers to gather your own observations about this curious chapter of life.


PRAISE FOR Invitation to a Country Called Aging

“In their Invitation to a Country Called Aging, Patricia Garfinkel and Myra Sklarew, accomplished women and close friends who are new to their status as octogenarians, offer readers a literary duet in which they ruminate with arresting honesty on their personal experiences of aging, and in so doing, share the insight, wisdom, and compassionate advice that only comes with living and loving for a long time.”—Ivan Amato, Writer, Poet, Podcaster, Founder of D.C.Science Café

“In this poetic memoir on aging, Garfinkel and Sklarew have given us much to absorb and contemplate, as we all will eventually travel the arduous journey, if we live to an old age. Here we learn of the anxieties of what to do and what not to do and the deep-rooted primordial fears of the human condition as the layer of years begin to wear down the resilience of the former selves we were. A resounding message that permeates the collection is that one needs to keep learning and moving forward, yet as Sklarew’s grandmother realized one best cultivate younger relationships, as with time the loss one is bound to experience is too hard to bear. Engaging the mind and spirit is key while protecting oneself from the social sharks that feed on the vulnerable while accepting all along that with summer comes the fall.A compelling, instructive gift is given to us by these exceptional poets.” —Robert L. Giron, Writer, Faculty at Montgomery College, Editor-in-Chief Gival Press