Mama, Six Girls, and a Cowboy by Penne Poole


The year is 1914, and sixteen-year-old Catherine Connelly is standing on Main Street in the little town of Twist Junction, Texas, choking on dust and wondering why her widowed mother chose to settle here, of all places. When she meets the handsome, ambitious Davis Bennett, she is immediately smitten, just as young Davis is taken by her. As their romance blossoms, Cate and Davis must overcome religious differences and prejudice in order to begin their new life together. While Davis learns the ins and outs of cattle ranching, Cate adjusts to being a new wife and mother, isolated on a ranch outside of town. Known affectionately as “Mama” to her six independent, rambunctious girls, Cate’s life is devoted to their success and happiness. The Bennett family endures the economic turmoil of the Depres-sion and the dust storms of the Dust Bowl. They witness racial prejudice and survive the heartbreak of World War II. The adventures of the girls, their careers, and their romances carry them across the country while Cate and Davis remain devoted to each other and more in love with each passing day. Based on real-life events, the saga of this Texas Panhandle family’s strong will, undying love, and dedication for one another stands the test of time and will be an inspiration to readers of all ages.