In Search of the Way by David Atkinson



"To walk a Camino is to awaken every morning with a single destination that pulls my body with a palpable force along a path that focuses my attention, tests my body and enlivens my spirit, with only the most basic belongings on my back and the freedom to move forward as fast or as slow as I want, stop when I wish, rest when I need. And do so to the discovery of continuously unfolding hills and plains, vineyards and orchards, medieval towns and cities, alone or in the companionship of like-minded pilgrims, with the anticipation that at the end of each day I might sit down to a meal of homemade paella or grilled squid and a full bottle of local Rioja or Vinho Verde, and find in the lodgings of a welcoming hospitalero a place of rest."

     -The author