A Modern Dog’s Life: How to Do the Best for Your Dog (Paperback)

A Modern Dog’s Life: How to Do the Best for Your Dog By Paul McGreevy, PhD, MRCVS Cover Image

A Modern Dog’s Life: How to Do the Best for Your Dog (Paperback)


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What do dogs value? Why do they get so excited by their daily walks? And why may dogs of different breeds have different needs? Veterinarian, professor of animal behavior, and dog lover Dr. Paul McGreevy answers these questions and many more. He takes readers on a walk in the paws of man’s best friend to illuminate the challenges and confusions faced by dogs in the modern world.

Filled with humor, easy-to-follow instructions, and memorable characters (including “Uncle Wolf” and “Feral Cheryl”), A Modern Dog’s Life will help you better understand your dog with:

  • Insights from recent studies on how dogs see, smell, and experience the world
  • Explanations of canine behavior, with over 40 photos of dogs in action
  • Tips on everything from petting dogs to calming them at the vet’s
  • User-friendly training techniques that build skills gradually and keep dogs motivated

Dr. McGreevy offers an exciting new approach to training a dog: By acting as a “life coach”—rather than an “alpha dog” or “parent”—and by reimagining “training” as a fun opportunity for you and your dog to grow closer and learn new skills, you can greatly improve your dog’s quality of life—and teach good behavior at the same time.

Professor Paul McGreevy is one of only three veterinarians recognized worldwide by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as specialist in veterinary behavioral medicine. He is an animal behavior and welfare expert at Sydney University’s Faculty of Veterinary Science.
Product Details ISBN: 9781615190188
ISBN-10: 161519018X
Publisher: The Experiment
Publication Date: May 18th, 2010
Pages: 328
Language: English

A Modern Dog’s Life combines sensible information with charming wit; this is an entertaining guide for new and veteran dog owners alike.”
Ken Foster, author of The Dogs Who Found Me

“Science, experience and common sense—Paul McGreevy brings all three to this amazing new book. Your dog will want you to read it.”
Mark Evans, Chief Veterinary Adviser, RSPCA UK

“A milestone in understanding dogs . . . Perhaps even the Rosetta stone in translating dog behavior . . . Dr. McGreevy is a world-recognized expert in dog behavior who just happens to have written a book that is as easy to read as a quality novel . . . If you want to have more fun with your dog, you need this book. If you just want to know more about dogs than your friends, you need this book.”
Don Burke, founder, Burke’s Backyard (“Australia’s original lifestyle program”)

“I’ve been waiting for a book like this for years. A clear and logical account of dog behavior and training . . . both scientific and entertaining.”
Dr. Bidda Jones, Chief Scientist, RSPCA Australia

“I would encourage all dog owners to read this book, to understand their dog’s view of our human lifestyle and to improve the human-canine relationship.”
Dr. Joanne Righetti, Chair of the Delta Society Australia

"Paul McGreevy's book – A Modern Dog's Life – wonderfully captures how we can fully celebrate the joys of dog ownership. Combining his knowledge with humor, Paul teaches us how to understand the dog's mind and how the unique bond between dog and human can be fully exploited to get the very best from a relationship. It is an indispensible guide for every dog owner." 
Clarissa Baldwin, OBE, Dogs Trust CEO (UK)

“Dr. McGreevy’s book is an essential text for any true dog lover’s library. It gives the new dog owner the chance to start on the right foot, the seasoned dog owner the knowledge to improve life for themselves as well as their pet, and even the experienced dog trainer the opportunity to see many things better through a dog’s eyes.”
Rob Zammit, DVM