Home, Sweet Home (Hardcover)

Home, Sweet Home By Moira Butterfield, Clair Rossiter (Illustrator) Cover Image

Home, Sweet Home (Hardcover)


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If you think about your home – what is it like? Does it have walls and a roof? A front door and a kitchen?

But not all homes are the same.

This unique mix of facts and true-life stories has been carefully selected to inspire the imagination. Explore homes from around the world and through time: such as those in Turkey 9,000 years ago with no doors, or the portable wallpaper that Louis XI had moved from chateau to chateau to decorate his walls.

It's a celebration of different cultures and of what is central to each and every home: the family who lives there!
Product Details ISBN: 9781610678865
Publisher: Kane Miller
Publication Date: July 1st, 2019
Pages: 32
"A fun read from Kane Miller is this dynamic book about different houses and homes around the world. HOME, SWEET HOME is a resource to help children relate to others around the world as they see what makes home special to everyone and also to admire the differences in living situations across the globe. ... Highly recommended for ages 5 and up."
-- Liberty Reads

"I do very much enjoy Kane Miller’s nonfiction books. I tend to gravitate to books about the world because although they’re in a similar vein, they’re often about different aspects of cultures. This read, for instance, is about different homes!"
-- Oh, the Books We Love!

"This book is such a fun way to explore other cultures. Looking at homes that may look nothing like our own is a fascinating sneak peak into the unique lives around the globe!"
-- Books Grow Minds

"Another must-have, visual stunner, HOME, SWEET HOME is a beautiful look around the world at the various types of homes people live in and have lived in."
-- Bedtime.Stories.Forevermore

"Butterfield's text combines facts about the world's diverse types of homes to introduce young readers to the amazing diversity among people and their abodes. Rossiter's captivating and detailed illustrations will not only delight young readers but also expose them to many different ways of life. Highly recommended for inclusion in any home, school or public library's collections."
--The Pirate Tree

"Welcome this title into libraries, where it is sure to be popular with nonfiction fans in classrooms and homes alike."
-- School Library Journal

"This is a wonderful picture book about what makes a house a home and what a home looks like in different cultures around the world. The pictures are a beautiful addition to learning about cultures other than your own."
-- Children's Book Council, "What We're Reading"

"This sunny peek at all the different pieces that make up our homes, from roofs to kitchens, gardens to bedrooms, and the ways those vary around the world, is inviting and intriguing. Plus, the conversation-starter questions within the narration brilliantly engage young listeners."
-- Orange Marmalade

“Double-page spreads with colorful, richly detailed illustrations and accessible text invite readers to consider how the houses in which people live around the world today and in the past are similar and different to their own houses. The illustration on the final spread is the same as that on the first page but with the scene of different types of homes now filled with the people who live in them, which provides the perfect answer to the question as to what makes a house a home…”
-- Literacy Daily, “Books Across the Curriculum”

"Butterfield presents a disparate collection of home-related facts loosely organized by location: roofs, front doors, walls, kitchens, dinner tables, gardens, stairs, bathrooms, and bedrooms... Rossiter's cheery illustrations are populated by a diversity of smiling people around the world, living in architecturally varied structures. As for what makes a house a home, 'there is something that makes homes special.... It's the people we love and share our homes with!'"
--Publishers Weekly

"Starting with a scene that pictures many houses found throughout the book and ending with the same scene, now filled with people from many places, this volume will help kids think about similarities and differences in living arrangements. Each double-page spread features a different topic. First there are spreads on homes in urban places versus country living; roofs (steep ones for snowy countries, green roofs, flat roofs); doors, like the special orange wooden doors of Mongolian gers and the absence of them in North African or Bedouin tents; and the issue of walls or no walls. Then, there is a focus on the various different spaces in- or outside homes...
Children will find many answers to the question: 'So what makes a home a wonderful place?'"
--Kirkus Reviews