Northern Garden Symphony: Combining Hardy Perennials for Blooms All Season (Paperback)

Northern Garden Symphony: Combining Hardy Perennials for Blooms All Season By Cyndie Warbelow Cover Image

Northern Garden Symphony: Combining Hardy Perennials for Blooms All Season (Paperback)


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Put the power of a garden planning pro to work for you! Northern Garden Symphony offers explanations and illustrations of the sequential blooms of ornamental perennials as a tool for garden design. The idea of sequential blooming, Fairbanks-famous author Cyndie Warbelow explains, is similar to the workings of a musical symphony, in which at least a portion of its stunning constituent plants is blooming at all times, even though they are not all blooming together. Given that perennial plants bloom for limited and specific periods of time during the growing season, Warbelow notes, it is crucial that a garden be designed with sequential blooming in mind. Yet this concept can often overwhelm and discourage gardeners.
Using narrative, figures, photographs, and a groundbreaking set of layout charts that can aid even the most experienced horticulturist in the process of flower garden planning, Northern Garden Symphony gives gardeners the tools they need to be a successful northern perennial gardener.
Cyndie Warbelow has lived in Alaska all her life. Founder and long-time operator of Fairbanks, Alaska’s world-class Plant Kingdom nursery, she has installed extensive perennial display beds for use as demonstration gardens for nursery customers and perennial design classes.
Product Details ISBN: 9781602234413
ISBN-10: 1602234418
Publisher: University of Alaska Press
Publication Date: May 15th, 2021
Pages: 248
Language: English

"The mystery of continuous color in a perennial garden is carefully and methodically solved! Do yourself a favor and add this book to your library."
—Nancy MacFarlane, Danamac Acres Greenhouse, owner 1980-2012, Palmer, Alaska

"Warbelow's talent lies in her knowledge of basic plant biology layered with a gift of art and music. She creates stunning landscapes using hardy plants as her palette and northern soils as her canvas."
—Dr. Patricia S. Holloway, Professor Emerita, Horticulture, Horticultural Consultant, A.F. Farmer, LLC, University of Alaska Fairbanks

"Northern Garden Symphony shows us how to garden in Fairbanks. But this common-sense, stunning book is valuable for any northern gardeners in Canada and the United States."
—Dr. Allan Armitage, Professor Emeritus of Horticulture, University of Georgia

"Warbelow writes so clearly and positively that even the most timid folks will have the confidence to try perennial gardening. She makes it sound like fun, like putting together a pretty puzzle."
—Les Brake, Coyote Garden, Willow, Alaska

"By carefully guiding readers through the concepts of designing perennial gardensincluding emphasis on bloom succession, balance, continuity, and the importance of eye movementWarbelow creates an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process that every gardener can employ."
—Brenda C. Adams, writer, speaker, educator, and award-winning garden designer