The Serial Killer Next Door: The Double Lives of Notorious Murderers (Paperback)

The Serial Killer Next Door: The Double Lives of Notorious Murderers By Richard Estep Cover Image

The Serial Killer Next Door: The Double Lives of Notorious Murderers (Paperback)


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How well do you know your neighbors? Maybe you should get to know them better Growing up, we are taught that monsters are easy to identify, but the truth is very different. Too often, the serial murderer does not stand out. Otherwise, he, or she, would get caught.

The contrast between the ordinary-seeming lives that provided cover for their cruel secrets is exposed in The Serial Killer Next Door: The Double Lives of Notorious Murderers. To their coworkers, neighbors, and others who knew them, they led unremarkable lives. They had careers as military pilots, police officers, landscapers, small business owners, farmers, realtors, reporters, authors, veterinary technicians, nurses, doctors, handymen, painters, and chefs, while they simultaneously stalked city suburbs, college campuses, trailer parks, and red-light districts. This chilling book looks at the horrifying stories of nearly 30 malevolent killers (and hundreds of innocent victims) who were mistakenly trusted, including ...

  • Genene Jones, a nurse responsible for the murder of 60 infants and children in her care. She's said to be the inspiration for Stephen King's iconic character of Annie Wilkes, in Misery - and her nephew broke into King's home, threatening to blow up the writer and his family because of it
  • Robert Lee Yates, a helicopter pilot in the Army National Guard who, when caught, buried one body outside his bedroom window as his wife slept.
  • Gary Ridgway, also known as the Green River Killer, went undetected for 20 years, working for 30 years as a painter for a truck company and married for 17 years.
  • Kathleen Folbigg, whose three children were at first thought to have died from natural causes. She only got caught when her husband found her personal diary.
  • Joseph James DeAngelo, who worked various jobs, including as a police officer and a truck mechanic. He went on a decades-long crime spree and was finally caught with the help of DNA evidence. His case was instrumental in the establishment of California's DNA database.
  • And dozens of other serial killers

It's chilling to realize that many serial killers have created second lives that are completely divorced from the brutality and evils they commit. It's incomprehensible to think that they are able to flip a switch, transforming them from apparently loving, ordinary men and women into torturous, homicidal slaughterers. With more than 120 photos and graphics, The Serial Killer Next Door is richly illustrated. Its helpful bibliography and extensive index add to its usefulness. We trust our neighbors, coworkers, and acquaintances. Of course, we do. It's ominous to think that we can't

Product Details ISBN: 9781578597680
ISBN-10: 1578597684
Publisher: Visible Ink Press
Publication Date: January 31st, 2023
Pages: 320
Language: English